“War Dogs of the Pacific” reviews – after a recent airing

It was one of the most touching films I have ever seen in my life.
- Michael Savage – Talk Radio’s  ‘Savage Nation’

I happened to see "War Dogs of the Pacific" last night on the Military Channel, and I was moved beyond words.  I was completely unaware of this particular chapter in military history.
- Rob Bernstein- WRKO Boston

My wife and I just finished watching your documentary of War Dogs of the Pacific. I can honestly say to you that I haven't teared up the way I did watching your film in quite some time.  I would like to thank you very much, you hit it out of the park with this film.
- Alexander Fellos

Watched this last night, 5 stars is not enough and a medal does not cut it for these men and their dogs.
- rtruss40  from youtube.com

I just watched your movie on the Military Channel.  I was moved by it.  It was excellent, and very well done.  You should be proud to bring this story to the public.  
- Phil Bucy

Dog World - June 2009
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AKC Gazette -April 2009 
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War Dogs of the Pacific -  September 10, 2008
…emotional and riveting.   There wasn't a dry eye in the room…
Thank you so much,  You touched all of our hearts. 
- Mary Lou Olszewski

Incredible Documentary! April 3, 2009
The illustration of the human-canine bond is poignant and heart warming. I've watched it twice and cried both times.
- J. Franza – Southern California

Moving, informative movie, Nov 12, 2008
It is so moving that everyone in the room is in tears at various times, but the overall effect is inspiring. Don't miss it!!!!

Touches the heart -  November 23, 2008
....made me feel like I am sitting in the house of some of these old war heros listening to them tell their intimate war stories.
- Patty P. – Mass.

WAR DOGS OF THE PACIFIC, October 19, 2008
Anyone who trains dogs, works with dogs or just plain loves dogs should view this film.
- Deborah D. Mulvey - Vermont

Great piece of history, October 29, 2008
Being a Doberman breeder and being very passionate about the breed and it's working traits, I was Excited to see this project finally finished. It was worth the wait and the dogs and handlers that many people never knew about will finally have their story told.
- Stephen Parsons – Scottsdale, AZ

Great Video for Classroom Use, October 22, 2008
As the credits rolled, the students stood up and applauded. I've never seen them do that before. The lessons they learned by watching this film are many.  I recommend this to other teachers.
- Ray Hocker – Ridgecrest, CA

War Dogs - a Story that needed to be told, October 23, 2008
… it is both poignant and uplifting at the same time.  These dogs were Marines and were treated as such - this is a 5 tissue film - a must for WWII buffs and dog owners alike.
- R. Chamberlain

A wonderful history to add to what we know about the Doberman. Thank you for doing it.
- Shodobe - WEST POINT, CA

Great documentary about a forgotten topic! -  Jan. 2, 2009
This is one of those rare, beautiful stories that tugs at your heart strings and educates at the same time and so I recommend it to teachers, students, war buffs, veterans and especially dog lovers! You'll never look at a doberman the same way, again!
- Carrie Oken  NY, NY


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